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A Dear Friend and Three Cards

Recently, a dear friend sent me a letter containing three cards with quotes on them. The words rang true in my soul. The cards don't have a credited author so I repeat these words without expectation of monetary profit; only to carry the message.

"When I lean toward love I am led." Oh how many times I have leaned the other direction and got exactly what I was looking for. The meaning I can take away from this is lean in to the positive. It's too easy to lean the other way. We have to challenge ourselves and work against anxiety and depression.

"True healing occurs when I give myself permission to feel whatever feelings live below the triggers." I've written about this topic previously. Our anxiety is a product of our hidden and forbidden feelings. Whatever those triggers are, make us respond physically to the hidden or forbidden feelings as though we were actually threatened. The nervous system responds whether we like it or want it to. The message here is to feel those feelings and it's "ok." We are allowed to feel those feelings and sit with the defenses our minds and bodies produce. Eventually, the hurt will give way to understanding and true healing is allowed.

"It is safe for me to look within. Each time I look deeper into myself, I will find incredibly beautiful treasures within me." I know I was and can be a good person. My faults are my own and I allow them to block and shun the good person I am. I punish myself for past transgressions. This causes me to try and "wear" a mask of a good person when in all actuality, the good person is being covered by the misleading mask of a good person. What is a good person? It's a simple answer for me... honest and transparent. I am that good person and when I take a truthful look inside, I find that person.

I could never thank this dear friend enough for the three cards. I try of course but the meaning is so much deeper than words on a card. It pierced my heart and soul. The exhilaration of positive energy generated from healing is amazing.

A Dear Friend and Three Cards


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