Yuzu & Orange ~ Bath Bomb

Yuzu & Orange ~ Bath Bomb

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Scented with Fresh Yuzu fruit & Fresh Squeezed Orange

Pop in your bath and enjoy a fun fizz and skin loving oils!

~ How to Use:
Just toss your bubble bomb in the tub & let the magic begin!
Hold the bomb underneath running water... and make some awesome bubble bath!

Please be careful getting out of the tub! The oils from your bath bomb might make things a tad slippery. But your skin will say I LOVE YOU! :)

Bomb can be used 1-4 times, if you cut it up... depending on how many bubbles you want! If you have a jet powered tub, this bomb will give you crazy fizz & bubbles! {just fyi}

~ Each Bath Bomb is approximately 9 ounces, but due to the handmade quality, may differ slightly in color and size.  The Bath Bombs are individually wrapped and labeled with all ingredients.


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